The Estates of Shady Hollow Legal Documents, CC&R's and Related FAQ's

Included are links to scanned copies of original legal documents (in PDF format) filed with the county.  These documents include our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, CC&R's, Deed Restriction Enforment Policy, and amendments. There are also links to html versions of the CC&R's (including amendments) which are faster to load, eaiser to read and are indexed for easy location of items of interest. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to ensure that the exterior and grounds of each dwelling in the Estates of Shady Hollow is maintained in accordance with the CC&R's. See the Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy for a description of the related policies adopted by the Board.

It is the responsibility of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) to approve all construction and development in the Estates of Shady Hollow.  Their job is to ensure that plans meet the CC&R's.  If you are contemplating a change to your residence, take a look at the ACC FAQ's to get an understanding of what is expected by the ACC in your application for a change to the exterior of your dwelling or grounds.  See the Officials Page for ACC member contact information. The last document listed on this page answers some legal questions concerning the CC&R's.

The following PDF files are scanned copies of original executed and filed documents:

Articles of Incorporation (PDF file* - 281KB)

Bylaws (PDF file* - 551KB)

Amendment to Bylaws (February 6, 1991) (PDF file* - 46 KB)

Second Amended and Restated Declaration of CC&R's (March 26, 1992) (PDF file* - 1,664 KB)

Amendment to CC&R's (December 13, 1994) (PDF file* - 165 KB)

Amendment to CC&R's (November 8, 2001) (PDF file*- 116 KB)

Amendment to CC&R's (November 4, 2003) - (PDF file*- 104 KB)

Amendment to CC&R's (November 18, 2004) - (PDF file*- 198 KB)

Amendment to CC&R's (November 17, 2005) - (PDF file*- 30KB)

* PDF files require Adobe Reader.  If you don't have it, you can download it free from the Adobe Reader website.

The following CC&R HTML documents were created by hand with content lists for quick reference. Every effort has been made to ensure that the HTML versions of the CC&R's are accurate.  However, if there are any differences between the HTML versions and the original executed and filed documents, the original documents prevail. The first documents in the list reflect the history of the development of the CC&R's.  The last document in the list reflects the current version of the CC&R's used by the Board and ACC.

Second Amended and Restated Declaration of CC&R's (March 26, 1992) (HTML - 55KB)
(Several typo's in this HTML version corrected 7/27/04.  No change in meaning.)

Amendments to Second Amended and Restated Declaration of CC&R's
(12/13/1994, 11/8/2001, 11/4/2003, 11/18/2004, and 11/17/2005)
(HTML - 8KB)

Fully amended version of CC&R's which reflects amendments through 11/17/2005 (HTML - 56KB)
(Current version.)

The following document was created on June 19, 2003 by the legal firm representing the ESHHOA. It clarifies several CC&R questions, and is still relevant today.

Clarification of CC&R's (HTML - 24 KB)



The following are documents created from scanning in the past CC&R documents and editing to fix any issues with scanning.
I then updated the CC&Rs with the amendments to the CC&Rs which will give us a current document.
I need everyones help to make sure I have not made any mistakes in working thru the process.
Once we have an approved document we can start the fun work of documenting any changes to the document and including the legislative required changes.

CC&R Version with Comments and Tracked Changes for review (May 31, 2015) ( Word DOC - 91KB)

CC&R Version with comments and changes accepted (May 31, 2015) (Word DOC - 77KB)